Holomon, May1737

The Project


Holomon is a monster collectathon and training game made in Unity for the Microsoft Hololens. It enables players to catch, train, and trade holographic monsters in Coover Hall at Iowa State. Our monsters will appear in the player's surroundings, appearing on surfaces in front of the player. Ideally, by the end of the project, players will be able to trade and battle their monsters with each other. Monsters will be battling in front of the player, fire and lighting materializing in front of the players. Holomon will bring the monster collectathon into the real world.


The Hololens is a new and exciting technology that not many developers have had a chance to try out. We'll be on the front-lines of this new "mixed reality" technology. Our blog will add to the zeitgeist of Hololens development, blazing a trail for future developers to follow.


Everybody in our group loves video games. Some of us even want to enter the game development industry. This project offers us the expereience of creating a video game from scratch. Something we've been interesting in doing since we started writing code. In fact, it's the reason a lot of us started with Software Engineering in the first place.

The Team

Ryan - Project Lead

Yo, I'm Ryan, and my mom thinks I'm the coolest person ever. I'm a senior in Software Engineering, and I make games. I don't care what anyone says, I had this idea of Holomon when the Google Glass was announced.
Proudest Achievement: Completing the Hoenn Pokedex in Pokemon Ruby.

Tyler - Webmaster

I'm a fifth-year Senior who loves eSports and artistic video games. If you need to find me just follow the sound of my mechanical keyboard. I love shooting guns, both virtual and real, and making things with code. No mom, I'm not playing on my computer, I'm doing schoolwork!
Proudest Achievement: Reaching MGE in Counter-Strike.

Zach - Key Concept Holder

I'm a Super Seniorâ„¢ at Iowa State studying the magic we call software engineering. I've wanted to be a video game designer my entire life, so this, this thing right here that we're working on? This is something I've only dreamed about for years. My favorite things are romatic walks along Hylian lakes and Kingdom Hearts (unlock my heart 😍 ).
Proudest Achievement: 99 Woodcutting and Fishing in Runescape.

Robert - Lead Communicator

I'm a senior in Software Engineering at Iowa State. I've always loved messing around with computers and things I can do with them. My favorite things are Twitch and the people I've met there.
Proudest Achievement: Finishing Portal in 14 minutes 41 seconds.